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im selben raum

im selben Raum


Objects which are placed in an imaginary and abstract room are viewed. As a result of constantly changing visual angles and illuminations still new sections of the room and its objects come to the fore. For the onlookers therefore nothing remains equal.

Abrupt cuts, superimpositions, contrasts that follow one another quickly, gestures and montages of heterogeneous materials that sometimes lead to nothingness, between connection and fragmentation, between continuation and standstill – that is, a constant questioning, resistance and reaction, continuity and rupture – are essential conceptual fields to describe this work.

Through this “switching back and forth” of different states and time units of the processes, I try to create space for the unpredictable, to let the sound become perceptible in its physicality as a physical component projected into time, and to create fields of tension – I try to let the boundary between the “real space” and our inner “sensory space”, the partition between inwardness and “outer space” crack.

Gary Berger



Acousmatic work / fixed media
Realized at the Swiss Center for Computer Music, 1997

CD release: Centre Suisse de Musique Informatique
Label: SZCM/CSMI, CD stv/asm 004
Barcode: 7 619942 000042