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spins for drum-set and live-electronics (2003)

“Spins” was written in close collaboration with the drummer Guy Frisch, representing the latter’s desire to combine electronic sonorities with the “traditional” percussion instrument. The work is part of a series of live electronic solo pieces, each with an instrument closely associated with electronic devices. Sometimes the acoustic characteristics of the percussion are modulated by the  electronic sounds. Generally,  the electronic segment should not be heard as an independent counterpart to the percussion sounds but more as an integrated part of the whole.



CD released:

Julien Mégroz: “Natur/Maschine”  – 2014 – 6 swiss works for solo percussion by Thomas Kessler, Kevin Juillerat, Jacques Demierre, Gary Berger, Stéphane Borel and Fritz Hauser. Recorded and mixed by Robert Torche in ESB Basel.










Score available at: