Wassermusik” received the 36th Stuttgarter Filmwinter Award 2023

The Wand 5 Honorary Award goes to Captain Fiffy for WATER MUSIC

Statement of the Jury:
Captain Fiffy’s “Water Music” captures and enraptures. With its playful approach towards reality, its colours, sounds and shapes, the film intoxicates in every second and casts a spell over us, until we believe in the surreal. In a reality above our reality, in which everything is beautiful and possible and everything rings to the sound of our fantasies. The illusion overpowered the world and became reality. We don’t want to return but stay in the moment. Because: with “Water Music”, we found what we’ve been longing for. Therefore our decision is clear: it is infinite jest. Guaranteed!
The Selection Committee Film of Wand 5

Collaborative project by Olivia Artner, Naima Schmidt and Gary Berger.
Based on the composition “Wassermusik” for aquarium and one player by Wolfgang Heiniger.

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