“Wassermusik” is a pop-cultural attempt at illustrating the construction and fluidity of femininity. In it a vortex of aquatic sounds are blurred with whirls of neo-dadaist images.

“Wassermusik” received the 36th Stuttgarter Film Winter Award 2023

General info

Category: experimental music video
Director: Art collective “Captain Fiffy” (Olivia Artner/Gary Berger/Naima Noelle)
Year of Production: 2022
Performer: Olivia Artner
Camera and editing: Naima Noelle
Composition, sound and mastering: Olivia Artner/Gary Berger
Screening Format: Digital, H.264, ProRes
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Sound: Digital System – available as stereo/4-channel/5.1
Running Time: short film, 8 min

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