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Little Scuzzy – International Film Fest – Illinois, USA

Video screening

Experimental Music Video (2022)

“Wassermusik” is a pop-cultural attempt at illustrating the construction and fluidity of femininity. In it a vortex of aquatic sounds are blurred with whirls of neo-dadaist images.

Oliva Artner, Gary Berger, Naima Noelle

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What is Little Scuzzy?

“In a larger city, it’s like there’s this stream of energy going, and all you have to do is jump into that stream and get wet. In the middle of the Midwest, you have to dig the fucking well.”
– Paul Mahern, Zero boys

The Little Scuzzy Film Fest is a low-to-no budget film fest that emphasizes underground film. Deriving influence from the likes of John Waters, Troma, and every other freak who got access to a camera, this festival showcases stories and styles that break the viewers expectations.Little Scuzzy Film Fest was first curated in 2012 and screened experimental films in the basements of the local showhouses, The Swamp and Skihaus. (RIP to both of those magical testaments to the tenacity of Southern Illinois weirdos). After a decade hiatus, Little Scuzzy was resurrected by original organizer, Carson Cates with the help of Ellen Esling of the Peach Pit.

We are pleased to include 25 experimental shorts and 2 features for this year’s Little Scuzzy! Be advised, some of the film selections include gore, flashing images and adult themes. This festival is intended for adults.



Nov 04 2023


19:45 - 20:15


Little Scuzzy Film Fest
The Peach Pit, 2932 Springer Ridge Rd Carbondale, IL, USA

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